Web scrape in processing

processingNumberScrape.m4v from chris martin on Vimeo.

The web is just full of data that ebbs an flows and it is quite nice to have a technique to scrape this off the web into some code. This is scraping the wind speed in dundee into processing. You could then use serial to fire this down to arduino the possibilities are limited only by you imagination (and money and time). This is really bare bones but should get you started with chopping up html in processing and getting to live data.

String[] ln = loadStrings("http://www.windfinder.com/report/dundee");
String page = "";
for (int i=0;i<ln.length;i++) {
 // println(i+"] "+ln[i]);
String[] bits = split(page, "");
bits = split(bits[1],"");

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